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At Hurling Tours Ireland, we provide a unique experience for visitors to Co. Kilkenny. We give guests an introduction to our ancient national sport, Hurling.

You would be mad to visit Ireland and not try our unique and ferocious sport. You will learn about the history of Hurling and how it has evolved into the fastest field game in the world, that we see today in the year 2022. This is all done in a Hurling team's dressing room in Kilkenny City, giving you that up-close, intense experience. Once you are up-to-date on the basics of the game, we take you on to the 'field of dreams' to try a few skills for yourself. This will be an unforgettable experience that will live long in the memory of each guest. We give everyone an opportunity to take a shot at the goalposts, and score like the Kilkenny Cats so often do.


We have had visitors from many different nationalities and backgrounds fall in love with Hurling and the culture it creates in Ireland. Visitors from Canada, USA and Australia even promising to join a GAA Club when they return home. 

Michael Rodriguez, 37, San Francisco. 

"This really was the most enjoyable part of my 30 day trip to Ireland, the coach was very witty and very helpful. He helped a lot of us who initially struggled with the basic skills of the game. He really was 10/10."

"James, our coach on the day was superb. He answered any question we had about the sport of Hurling. The lack of safety equipment worn during games is something that has to be seen to be believed. We even got a picture with the All Ireland Cup which made my Irish relatives very jealous"

Ben Dempsey, 75, Ontario. 

"James is very reliable and runs a very professional tour. He gives our clients a great insight into the sport of hurling and makes our clients enthralled about the sport. Many have quoted this experience as one of the best on our 'Irish Country Roads' Tour."

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