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Freshford is located in North Kilkenny, 10 minutes outside Kilkenny City. It is a beautiful village 30 minutes from the Rock of Cashel, making it an ideal location to visit before heading into Kilkenny.


In Freshford, we give visitors the opportunity to experience the ultimate traditional Irish package at Kavanagh's Pub, a classic Irish style pub in the centre of the village.


Here we give visitors information on the history and rules of Hurling. Once visitors are up-to-date on the basics of Hurling, we bring them out onto the green area to try the sport for themselves. Our coaches teach visitors the ground-stroke, hand-pass, solo-run and hand strike. We then go back into the bar to give visitors a unique look at how to make an Irish ash hurley stick. Visitors will gain an insight into what makes a hurley special to players and what makes the perfect hurley. We end the tour with finger food and a traditional Irish musician will end the visit on an upbeat note that only the Irish can manage. Nothing says 'Ireland' like a visit to a small country pub listening to some traditional Irish 'ceol'.

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The Romanesque doorway of St. Lachtain's Church of Ireland church in Freshford is one of only two such portal designs remaining in the country, the other being at Clonfert. The sandstone doorway is all that is left of the original church which was built in 1100, the present St Lachtain's having been built in 1731. An inscription over the door in Irish reads 'A prayer for Niamh daughter of Corc and for Mathgamhan Ó Chiarmeic, by whom was made this church.' It is located in the centre of the village on the R693 regional road. The beautiful doorway is pictured below.

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