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My name is James Kavanagh and I created Hurling Tours Ireland in 2018 because of my love of our native sport, hurling. Being from Kilkenny, (the real home of hurling) all I knew since I was 5 years old was hurling and playing the sport every day. I admit nothing compares to the thrill and excitement of my playing days, but, I get a great feeling from teaching both the young and the old about Hurling.


Having worked in Kilkenny Castle for many years, I was asked several times a day by visitors to this beautiful city about hurling. Visitors would frequently ask me about the sport everyone around the city is playing and what the 'wooden weapons' every kid had in their hands. I loved explaining the sport to them and seeing their reaction and interest in the sport. They struggled to comprehend that it was the fastest sport in the world and that the players aren't paid. I am shocked that people still have not heard of this wonderful sport. And so, the idea for Hurling Tours Ireland was created- to spread the wonderful message of hurling to all! 

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